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Oceansouth’s Jet Ski Covers

Hitting the waves on your very own jet ski is nothing short of exhilarating, so you should never spoil the moment out on the water with an unsightly, dented, scratched jet ski that’s clearly worse for wear. A jet ski cover is an absolute must-have for any jet ski owner. Just like how boat owners need high-quality, dense fabric boat covers, jet ski owners should invest in quality materials from reputable suppliers.

Below are our top four jet ski covers:

Custom-fit SEADOO Covers

A leading manufacturer of jet skis from Canada, Sea-Doo (under Bombardier) has been creating quality watercraft since 1968. There are five main models of Sea-Doo available, each of which deserves a quality cover for protection from the elements.

Our SEADOO covers keep your Sea-Doo safe and sound all year round thanks to their high-density 100% Dope dyed polyester fabric. Keep your beloved Sea-Doo in peak operating condition and protect its paint with our rugged, quality custom-fit Sea-Doo covers at Oceansouth.

We carry Sea-Doo covers for the following models: SPARK TRIXX 2UP, SPARK 3UP,  SPARK TRIXX 3UP, GTR 230, GTI 130, GTI SE170, RXP-X RS 300, FISHPRO SCOUT 130, GTX 170, GTX 230, GTX LIMITED 300, RXT-X RE 300, WAKE PRO 230, FISHPRO SPORT 170, FISHPRO TROPHY 170.

KAWASAKI Jet Ski Covers

The “OG” of the stand-up jet ski and namesake of the brand Jet Ski, Kawasaki is no stranger to personal watercraft. Their top-notch, high-quality watercraft are certainly a joy to ride and make for a great afternoon out at sea, but it’s critical to keep them well-protected throughout the year so that they’re ready to rip when you want to get them out to sea.

Our KAWASAKI Jet Ski covers offer superb protection for various Jet Ski models, including the ULTRA 310, ULTRA LX, STX 160LX, STX160, SXR 800, and SX-R models. Get a custom-fit cover that snugly fits the exact contours of your Jet Ski made of 100% Dope dyed polyester fabric (280g/m2 density).

Covers for YAMAHA Jet Skis

Yamaha is another major manufacturer of quality jet skis, namely with their WaveRunner models. These superb jet skis are a true joy to take out on the open waters, and you’ll definitely want to ensure that they remain in great condition after perhaps half a year (or longer) of being put away. That’s why you need quality YAMAHA Jet Ski covers from Oceansouth.

We carry custom-fit Yamaha jet ski covers for the following models: SUPERJET, JETBLASTER, GP1800R SVHO, GP 1800R HO, FX LIMITED SVHO, FX CRUISER SVHO, FX SVHO, and FX CRUISER HO. All covers are made of a 100% Dope dyed polyester fabric with 280g/m2 density.

Universal Covers

Own a different model of the jet ski than the ones listed above? Own a Honda, Polaris, or Arctic Cat model of jet ski? No worries, we’ve got high-quality universal covers that can snugly fit the contours of your specific model, although an absolutely perfect fit cannot be guaranteed for each and every model.

Jet ski covers may not be the most exciting thing to think about and they’re certainly nowhere near as exciting as what you should be putting underneath (your beloved jet ski). Nevertheless, they are extremely important for preserving the quality and paint job of your watercraft year-round.