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Important Things You Should Know About Boating Fabrics

So you finally got that dreamboat you have been longing to buy for so many years. And now that you have your dreamy watercraft, you probably want to take good care of it so it will stay in perfect condition for many years to come.
A boat cover and seat covers are just what you need for protecting your luxury vessel from harsh UV rays, animals, wind, rain, and dust. But for proper protection, any ordinary cover simply won’t do.
It is never a good idea to cover your boat with the first cover you see at your local auto store and those one-size-fits-all covers never do look good. For adequate protection, your boat cover should be made of the right type of fabric and it should have the right construction.
In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at the types of fabric that are used for boating covers and find out why these specific fabrics are used.

What Type Of Fabric Is Used For Boat Covers?

Not too many fabrics have the right construction to withstand the harsh elements of the sea and ocean. One of the best fabrics for protecting boats or other marine fixtures is Atlas marine canvas fabric. Atlas marine fabric is made of 100% high-tech polyester that is coated to offer additional protection. This unique fabric comes in quite a few different colors and can vary in terms of thickness. The most common Atlas marine fabrics for protecting boats are the 240g canvas fabric which is ideal for smaller crafts or the 280g canvas fabric which might be more suitable for larger boats.

Protective Qualities Atlas Marine Canvas Offer

Atlas marine canvas fabric and other similar polyester canvas fabrics are ideal for protecting your watercraft because they offer many protective qualities. Here is a quick look at the top functions these specific fabrics offer.

Good Durability

A quality boat cover might be a costly investment but these covers do offer good returns on investment. These canvas fabrics have a pretty long life expectancy of about 7 years even as they are constantly exposed to harsh elements like direct UV rays. For the next 7 years or more, your boat will be protected from damages which is great for preserving the general value of your boat.

Water Repellent Finish

Boating cover fabrics are not 100% waterproof. In extreme weather, some water can still get through. But the water-repellent finish keeps most of the moisture out and away from your boat interior. This function can save you thousands of dollars on water damage and is an ideal investment for those who store their boat at a dock or outside.

UV Resistant

Most boat covers do come with a UV coating but in cheaper fabrics, this coating isn’t strong enough to offer adequate protection in direct sunlight. Cheaper boat covers only tend to hold up as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight and tend to crack and tear if they are used outdoors.
Atlas canvas fabrics are treated with a polyurethane coat that protects the fabric and your boat from harsh UV rays. This UV coating protects the fabric so the cover will stay in good shape for many years to come despite enduring constant daily sunlight.


Atlas canvas fabrics are nice and breathable. This is good quality since it allows moisture that is trapped on deck to escape so your boat will stay mold and mildew free.
If you weren’t the best protection for your boat then it is best to source your boat covers from a reputable source like Ocean South. These covers are much sturdier and more durable and they can be custom-made to fit your boat perfectly.

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